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Improve wellbeing by reducing deep rooted stress and fatigue.

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Learn to meditate with Paul

Teacher of The 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation Technique

  • It’s perfect for those who think that meditation is too difficult or not for them

  • This technique is easy to learn in three short sessions, either in person, or online

  • The impact of learning this simple but powerful technique can have a transformative effect on your life


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Learn online £130

These courses are run using Zoom and will have a maximum group size of six people. They take place on Saturday mornings, Sunday mornings and Monday evenings.

Learn privately £200

These can be tailored to individual needs, both in terms of venue and timings (online or in person). The only stipulation is that the course is undertaken across three consecutive days.

Corporate learning

These can be tailored to specific requirements.  Please enquire for more information.


What my Students say:

Social Care Advisor

The course is clear and concise, the meditation technique is simple, natural and effective.  I really enjoyed the shared experience of learning with others on the course. Paul was supportive and encouraging, carefully listening and responding to our individual needs and feedback.


Having tried Guided Meditation in the past I found this technique more rewarding, effortlessly releasing muscle tension and gently clearing busy thoughts - allowing pleasant feelings of calm and relaxation to surface. 


This meditation promotes a feeling of peace and wellbeing much welcome in today’s non-stop world.  I will definitely continue to build meditation into my daily routine – important time to rest and reset.


Paul’s approach to the meditation sessions is very calm and clear. He provides guidance and helps you along the way with feedback and suggestions.


What I most appreciate is that Paul really ‘walks his talk’ - he clearly has experience of meditation and was open to talking about the nature of practising meditation.


I also really enjoy the group meditation sessions - there is something very stilling about practising together and I look forward to continuing the practice.


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