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This video explains how meditation has made a huge and positive impact upon my life and wellbeing.  It talks about stress and how meditation can help in managing it.  It concludes with a description of the technique that I teach, it's benefits and how it's taught.

In this video I discuss with my Yoga Teacher friend Kari van Eden of The Quiet Revolution, a bit more about my journey, why I became a teacher and what students can expect when they sign up.

Guided Meditation

This 20 minute meditation is perfect for anyone feeling stressed and/or fatigued. It causes the body to fall into deep rest and the mind to expand beyond its incessant thinking. The technique utilises a powerful sequence of instructions that cause spontaneous de-excitation of the nervous system.

Guided MeditationWye Meditate
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Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

These are a few books that I would recommend for those wishing to learn more about the benefits of meditation

The Golden Sequence.jpg
Why Meditate Book.jpg
The Relaxation Response.jpg

The Golden Sequence
Jonni Pollard

Jonni is the co-founder of 1 Giant Mind and in this book he shares powerful teachings and techniques that have helped him, in the hope that others can enjoy happier, more authentic and fulfilled lives.

Why Meditate?
Jillian Lavender

Jillian is an expert Vedic Meditation Teacher and in this excellent book she clearly and concisely delivers a modern account of what meditation is and why it works.

The Relaxation Response
Herbert Benson

In this bestselling book, Dr. Benson explains in detail what the relaxation response is and the many benefits that can accrue by triggering it with a simple meditation practice.

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