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Code of Ethics
  • I recognise I am fortunate to be in a position to show everyone who is looking for some calm in their lives, that they have the answers within.​​

  • I will teach with compassion, honesty, humility, kindness and integrity.

  • I will welcome anyone regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability who has an open mind and wishes to learn more about meditation.


  • I will treat everyone with respect and courtesy, being clear with my personal boundaries and to observe those of others.


  • I will listen and understand with empathy and compassion recognising that each of us is on a journey of learning, and exploring what it means to be human.


  • I will be of service to the wellbeing of others.


  • I will consistently and authentically teach with patience, honesty and humour.


  • I will continue to learn, accepting that I am not the absolute solution to my student’s needs or problems, and I will seek to collaborate with experts in a variety of different fields to provide my students with the most holistic support I can.


  • I will always offer the very highest quality of myself and my teaching.


  • I will inspire others by my example.


  • I will support and encourage myself, and those around me, to evolve fearlessly and innovate the best version of what we desire in our lives.


  • I will demonstrate through embodiment that I live by what I teach.

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